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Kernel routines - Section 9 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(9).

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pcie_write_config pfctlinput pfctlinput2 pffinddomain pffindproto pffindtype pfil pfil_add_hook pfil_head_register pfil_head_unregister pfil_hook_get pfil_remove_hook pfil_rlock pfil_run_hooks pfil_runlock pfil_wlock pfil_wunlock pfind pget pgfind pgsigio pgsignal phashinit PHOLD physio pmap pmap_activate pmap_clear_modify pmap_copy pmap_copy_page pmap_enter pmap_extract pmap_extract_and_hold pmap_growkernel pmap_init pmap_init2 pmap_is_modified pmap_is_prefaultable pmap_map pmap_mincore pmap_object_init_pt pmap_page_exists_quick pmap_page_init pmap_pinit pmap_pinit0 pmap_pinit2 pmap_protect pmap_qenter pmap_qremove pmap_quick_enter_page pmap_quick_remove_page pmap_release pmap_remove pmap_remove_all pmap_remove_pages pmap_resident_count pmap_ts_referenced pmap_unwire pmap_wired_count pmap_zero_area pmap_zero_idle pmap_zero_page postsig PRELE printf prison_check priv priv_check priv_check_cred PROC_ASSERT_HELD PROC_ASSERT_NOT_HELD proc_readmem proc_rwmem proc_writemem procrunnable propagate_priority pseudofs psignal radiotap random random_harvest read_random read_random_uio realloc reallocf redzone refcount refcount_acquire refcount_init refcount_release register_tcp_functions relpbuf remrunqueue resetpriority resettodr resource_init_map_request resource_int_value resource_long_value resource_string_value rijndael rm_assert rm_destroy rm_init rm_init_flags rm_rlock rm_runlock rm_sleep RM_SYSINIT RM_SYSINIT_FLAGS rm_try_rlock rm_wlock rm_wowned rm_wunlock rman rman_activate_resource rman_adjust_resource rman_deactivate_resource rman_fini rman_first_free_region rman_get_bushandle rman_get_bustag rman_get_device rman_get_end rman_get_flags rman_get_mapping rman_get_rid rman_get_size rman_get_start rman_get_virtual rman_init rman_init_from_resource rman_is_region_manager rman_last_free_region rman_make_alignment_flags rman_manage_region rman_release_resource rman_reserve_resource rman_reserve_resource_bound rman_set_bushandle rman_set_bustag rman_set_mapping rman_set_rid rman_set_virtual rmlock roundrobin roundrobin_interval RT_ADDREF RT_LOCK RT_REMREF RT_RTFREE RT_UNLOCK rtalloc rtalloc1 rtalloc1_fib rtalloc_fib rtalloc_ign rtalloc_ign_fib rtentry RTFREE rtfree RTFREE_LOCKED runqueue rw_assert rw_destroy rw_downgrade rw_init rw_init_flags rw_initialized rw_rlock rw_runlock rw_sleep RW_SYSINIT RW_SYSINIT_FLAGS rw_try_rlock rw_try_upgrade rw_try_wlock rw_unlock rw_wlock rw_wowned rw_wunlock rwlock sbinuptime sbuf sbuf_bcat sbuf_bcopyin sbuf_bcpy sbuf_cat sbuf_clear sbuf_clear_flags sbuf_copyin sbuf_cpy sbuf_data sbuf_delete sbuf_done sbuf_end_section sbuf_error sbuf_finish sbuf_get_flags sbuf_hexdump sbuf_len

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