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Kernel routines - Section 9 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(9).

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kproc_kthread_add kproc_resume kproc_shutdown kproc_start kproc_suspend kproc_suspend_check kqfd_register kqueue kqueue_add_filteropts kqueue_del_filteropts kthread kthread_add kthread_create kthread_exit kthread_resume kthread_shutdown kthread_start kthread_suspend kthread_suspend_check ktr le16dec le16enc le16toh le32dec le32enc le32toh le64dec le64enc le64toh libnv lock LOCK_PROFILING lockdestroy locking lockinit lockmgr lockmgr_args lockmgr_args_rw lockmgr_assert lockmgr_disown lockmgr_printinfo lockmgr_recursed lockmgr_rw lockmgr_waiters lockstatus log m_adj m_align M_ALIGN m_append m_apply m_cat m_catpkt m_collapse m_copyback m_copydata m_copym m_copypacket m_copyup m_defrag m_devget m_dup m_dup_pkthdr m_fixhdr m_free m_freem m_get m_get2 m_getcl m_gethdr m_getjcl m_getm m_getptr M_LEADINGSPACE m_length M_MOVE_PKTHDR m_move_pkthdr m_prepend M_PREPEND m_pulldown m_pullup M_SEQNO_GET m_split m_tag_alloc m_tag_copy m_tag_copy_chain m_tag_delete m_tag_delete_chain m_tag_delete_nonpersistent m_tag_find m_tag_first m_tag_free m_tag_get m_tag_init m_tag_locate m_tag_next m_tag_prepend m_tag_unlink M_TRAILINGSPACE m_unshare M_WME_GETAC M_WRITABLE mac make_dev make_dev_alias make_dev_alias_p make_dev_cred make_dev_credf make_dev_p make_dev_s malloc MALLOC_DECLARE MALLOC_DEFINE maybe_resched mb_detach mb_done mb_fixhdr mb_init mb_initm mb_put_int64be mb_put_int64le mb_put_mbuf mb_put_mem mb_put_uint16be mb_put_uint16le mb_put_uint32be mb_put_uint32le mb_put_uint8 mb_put_uio mb_reserve mbchain mbp_alloc mbp_card_free mbp_count mbp_create mbp_destroy mbp_ext_free mbp_free mbp_get mbp_get_keep mbp_sync mbpool mbuf mbuf_tags MCHTYPE MCLGET MD5 MD5Init MD5Transform md_append_record md_done md_get_int64 md_get_int64be md_get_int64le md_get_mbuf md_get_mem md_get_uint16 md_get_uint16be md_get_uint16le md_get_uint32 md_get_uint32be md_get_uint32le md_get_uint8 md_get_uio md_initm md_next_record mdchain memcchr memguard MEXTADD MGET MGETHDR MH_ALIGN mi_switch microseq microtime microuptime mod_cc module MODULE_DEPEND MODULE_VERSION mount_arg mount_argb mount_argf mount_argsu msleep msleep_sbt msleep_spin msleep_spin_sbt mtod mtx_assert mtx_destroy mtx_init mtx_initialized mtx_lock mtx_lock_flags mtx_lock_spin mtx_lock_spin_flags mtx_owned mtx_pool

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