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Kernel routines - Section 9 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(9).

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sbuf_new sbuf_new_auto sbuf_new_for_sysctl sbuf_printf sbuf_putc sbuf_set_drain sbuf_set_flags sbuf_setpos sbuf_start_section sbuf_trim sbuf_vprintf sched_setup schedclock schedcpu scheduler SDT SDT_PROBE SDT_PROBE_DECLARE SDT_PROBE_DEFINE SDT_PROVIDER_DECLARE SDT_PROVIDER_DEFINE securelevel_ge securelevel_gt seldrain selrecord selwakeup sema sema_destroy sema_init sema_post sema_timedwait sema_trywait sema_value sema_wait setenv setrunnable setrunqueue SETSETNEQ SETSETOR sf_buf sf_buf_alloc sf_buf_free sf_buf_kva sf_buf_page sglist sglist_alloc sglist_append sglist_append_bio sglist_append_mbuf sglist_append_phys sglist_append_uio sglist_append_user sglist_append_vmpages sglist_build sglist_clone sglist_consume_uio sglist_count sglist_count_vmpages sglist_free sglist_hold sglist_init sglist_join sglist_length sglist_reset sglist_slice sglist_split shm_map shm_unmap SIG_CONTSIGMASK SIG_STOPSIGMASK SIGADDSET SIGDELSET SIGEMPTYSET sigexit SIGFILLSET siginit SIGISEMPTY SIGISMEMBER signal SIGNOTEMPTY signotify SIGPENDING SIGSETAND SIGSETCANTMASK SIGSETEQ SIGSETNAND sleep sleepq_abort sleepq_add sleepq_alloc sleepq_broadcast sleepq_free sleepq_lock sleepq_lookup sleepq_release sleepq_remove sleepq_set_timeout sleepq_set_timeout_sbt sleepq_signal sleepq_sleepcnt sleepq_timedwait sleepq_timedwait_sig sleepq_type sleepq_wait sleepq_wait_sig sleepqueue soabort soaccept sobind socheckuid socket soclose soconnect socreate sodisconnect sodupsockaddr sofree sogetopt sohasoutofband solisten solisten_proto solisten_proto_check sonewconn sooptcopyin sooptcopyout sopoll sopoll_generic soreceive soreceive_dgram soreceive_generic soreceive_stream soreserve sorflush sosend sosend_dgram sosend_generic sosetopt soshutdown sotoxsocket soupcall_clear soupcall_set sowakeup srandom stack stack_copy stack_create stack_destroy stack_print stack_print_ddb stack_print_short stack_print_short_ddb stack_put stack_save stack_sbuf_print stack_sbuf_print_ddb stack_zero store style subyte suswintr suword suword16 suword32 suword64 swi swi_add swi_remove swi_sched sx sx_assert sx_destroy sx_downgrade sx_init sx_init_flags sx_sleep sx_slock sx_slock_sig sx_sunlock SX_SYSINIT SX_SYSINIT_FLAGS sx_try_slock sx_try_upgrade sx_try_xlock sx_unlock sx_xholder sx_xlock sx_xlock_sig sx_xlocked sx_xunlock SYSCALL_MODULE sysctl SYSCTL_ADD_COUNTER_U64 SYSCTL_ADD_COUNTER_U64_ARRAY SYSCTL_ADD_INT SYSCTL_ADD_LONG SYSCTL_ADD_NODE sysctl_add_oid SYSCTL_ADD_OPAQUE SYSCTL_ADD_PROC SYSCTL_ADD_QUAD

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