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파일 포맷의 안내 - 섹션 5 - Man page

매뉴얼의이 섹션에 대한 자세한 내용은, intro(5)를 참조하십시오.

.rhosts a.out acct aliases amd.conf ar auth.conf bootparams bootptab core crontab ctm cvs dhclient.conf dhclient.leases dhcp-eval dhcp-options dir dirent disklabel disktab dm.conf drivers.conf editrc elf ethers exports fbtab fdesc finger.conf forward fs fstab ftpchroot ftpd.conf ftpusers gettytab group host.conf hosts hosts.equiv hosts.lpd hosts_access hosts_options info inode intro ipf ipnat ipsend isdnd.acct isdnd.rates isdnd.rc kbdmap kernfs keycap lastlog link linprocfs loader.conf login.access login.conf magic mailer.conf make.conf modems motd named.conf netgroup netid networks nologin ntp.conf ntp.keys opieaccess opiekeys passwd pbm pccard.conf periodic.conf phones printcap procfs protocols publickey pw.conf radius.conf ranlib rc.conf rcsfile remote resolver rpc rrenumd.conf rtadvd.conf services shells skey.access ssh_config sshd_config stab sysctl.conf syslog.conf tacplus.conf term termcap terminfo texinfo ttys types tzfile usbd.conf utmp uuencode.format vgrindefs wtmp

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The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.
— Grace Murray Hopper