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Einführung in 'Dateiformate' - Abschnitt 5 - Manpage

Weitere Informationen zu diesem Abschnitt des Handbuchs lesen intro(5).

exports fs fstab group host.conf hosts intro ipc isdnlog issue lilo.conf man.config manpath motd nfs nologin passwd proc protocols resolv.conf resolver rpc securetty services shells termcap ttytype tzfile utmp

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"I liken starting one's computing career with Unix, say as an undergraduate, to being born in East Africa. It is intolerably hot, your body is covered with lice and flies, you are malnourished and you suffer from numerous curable diseases. But, as far as young East Africans can tell, this is simply the natural condition and they live within it. By the time they find out differently, it is too late. They already think that the writing of shell scripts is a natural act."
— Ken Pier, Xerox PARC