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General commands - Section 1 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(1).

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[ addr2line alias alloc apply apropos ar as asa at atf-check atf-sh atf-test-program atq atrm auditreduce awk b64decode b64encode basename batch bc bg biff bind bindkey brandelf break breaksw bsdcat bsdcpio bsdgrep bsdiff bsdtar bsnmpd bsnmpget bsnmpset bsnmpwalk bspatch bthost btsockstat builtin builtins bunzip2 byacc bzcat bzegrep bzfgrep bzgrep bzip2 bzip2recover c++ c++filt c89 c99 cal calendar cap_mkdb case cat cc CC cd cdcontrol chdir chflags chfn chgrp chio chkey chmod chpass chsh ckdist cksum clang clang++ clang-cpp clear cmp col colldef colrm column comm command compile_et complete compress continue cp cpio cpp cpuset crontab crunchgen crunchide crypt csh csplit ctags ctfconvert ctfdump ctfmerge ctm ctm_dequeue ctm_rmail ctm_smail cu cut date dc dd default df dialog diff diff3 dirname dirs do domainname done dpv drill dtc dtrace du dwatch echo echotc ed edit ee egrep elf2aout elfctl elfdump elif else end endif endsw enigma env esac etdump eval ex exec exit expand export expr false fc fdread fdwrite fetch fg fgrep fi fifolog fifolog_create fifolog_reader fifolog_writer file file2c filetest find finger flex flex++ fmt fold for foreach freebsd-version from fstat fsync ftp fuser gate-ftp gcore gencat gensnmptree getaddrinfo getconf getent getfacl getopt getopts glob goto gprof grep groups gunzip gzcat

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