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General commands - Section 1 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(1).

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readlink readonly realpath recoverdisk red ree rehash repeat reset resizewin rev revoke rfcomm_sppd rm rmd160 rmd160sum rmdir rpcgen rping rs rtld rtprio rup ruptime rusers rwall rwho sched scp script sdiff sed seq set setenv setfacl setfib settc setty setvar sftp sh sha1 sha1sum sha224 sha224sum sha256 sha256sum sha384 sha384sum sha512 sha512sum sha512t256 sha512t256sum shar shift size skein1024 skein1024sum skein256 skein256sum skein512 skein512sum sleep slogin smbutil sockstat soelim sort source split sscop ssh ssh-add ssh-agent ssh-copy-id ssh-keygen ssh-keyscan stat stdbuf stop strings strip stty su sum suspend svnlite switch systat tabs tail talk tar tcopy tcpdump tcsh tee telltc telnet test tftp then time timeout times tip top touch tput tr trace trap true truncate truss tset tsort tty type ucmatose udaddy uhsoctl ul ulimit umask unalias uname uncomplete uncompress unexpand unhash unifdef unifdefall uniq units unlimit unlink unlzma unset unsetenv until unvis unxz unzip unzstd uptime usbhidaction usbhidctl users uudecode uuencode uuidgen vacation vi vidcontrol vidfont view vis w wait wall wc what whatis where whereis which while who whoami whois write xargs xo xstr xz xzcat xzdec xzdiff xzegrep xzfgrep xzgrep yacc yes ypcat ypchfn ypchpass ypchsh ypmatch yppasswd ypwhich zcat zcmp zdiff zegrep zfgrep zforce zgrep zless

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