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cyapa – Cypress APA trackpad with I2C interface driver



To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines into the kernel configuration file: device cyapa device ig4 device iicbus

Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5):


In /boot/device.hints: hint.cyapa.0.at="iicbus0" hint.cyapa.0.addr="0xCE" hint.cyapa.1.at="iicbus1" hint.cyapa.1.addr="0xCE"


The cyapa driver provides support for the Cypress APA trackpad. It emulates the IntelliMouse PS/2 protocol. It supports basic mouse ioctls, so that moused(8) is supported properly.

Trackpad layout

                   2/3               1/3
          |                    |   Middle   |
          |                    |   Button   |
          |       Left         |            |
          |      Button        +------------+
          |                    |   Right    |
          |                    |   Button   |
          |     Thumb/Button Area           | 15%

Trackpad features

Two finger scrolling
  Use two fingers for Z axis scrolling.
Button down/second finger
  While one finger clicks and holds down the touchpad, the second finger can be used to move the mouse cursor. This can be useful for drawing or selecting text.
Thumb/Button area
  The lower 15% of the trackpad will not affect the mouse cursor position. This allows for high precision clicking, by controlling the cursor with the index finger and pushing/holding the pad down with the thumb.
Trackpad button
  Push physical button. The left two thirds of the pad issues a LEFT button event. The upper right corner issues a MIDDLE button event. The lower right corner issues a RIGHT button. Optionally, tap to click can be enabled (see below).

On a system using device.hints(5), these values are configurable for cyapa:
  target iicbus(4).
  cyapa i2c address on the iicbus(4).


These sysctl(8) variables are available:
  Scan frequency in idle mode, the default is 1.
  Scan frequency in slow mode, the default is 20.
  Scan frequency in normal mode, the default is 100.
  Minimum pressure to detect a finger, the default is 12.
  Controls tap to click. Possible values:
0 Tap to click is disabled. This is the default value.
1 Tap to click always generates a left mouse button event.
2 Tap to click generates left mouse button event if the left 2/3rds of the pad are tapped and a right mouse button event otherwise.
3 Tap to click generates mouse button events as if the physical button was pressed (see DESCRIPTION above).
  Minimum tap duration in ticks to create a click, the default is 1.
  Maximum tap duration in ticks to create a click, the default is 8.
  Minimum ticks before cursor movement occurs, the default is 4.
  Ticks to wait before starting to scroll, the default is 0.
  Ticks while preventing cursor movement on single finger after scroll, the default is 15.
  Size of bottom thumb area in percent, the default is 15.
  Setting this to a non-zero value enables debug output to console and syslog, the default is 0.
  Setting this to a non-zero value reinitializes the device. The sysctl resets to zero immediately.


cyapa creates /dev/cyapa0, which presents the mouse as an IntelliMouse PS/2 device. It supports moused(8) levels 0 through 2, level 1 is used by default.


To use cyapa with moused(8), add the following lines to the rc.conf(5) file:



If vertical scrolling is not desired, add


to rc.conf(5).

Enable tap to click for the left and the right mouse button and disable the thumb area by adding these lines to the sysctl.conf(5) file:




ig4(4), iicbus(4), sysmouse(4), moused(8)


The original cyapa driver was written for DragonFly BSD by Matthew Dillon.

It has been ported, modified, and enhanced for FreeBSD by Michael Gmelin <Mt freebsd@grem.de>.

This manual page was written by Michael Gmelin <Mt freebsd@grem.de>.


The cyapa driver detects the device from the I2C address. This might have unforeseen consequences if the initialization sequence is sent to an unknown device at that address.

CYAPA (4) October 03, 2016

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