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Special files and drivers - Section 4 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(4).

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usb_template usfs uslcom utopia uvisor uvscom vale vcc vcxgbe vcxl vga vge viapm viawd virtio virtio_balloon virtio_blk virtio_console virtio_random virtio_scsi vkbd vlan vmx vn vpo vr vt vte vtnet vxge vxlan watchdog wb wbwd wi witness wlan wlan_acl wlan_amrr wlan_ccmp wlan_tkip wlan_wep wlan_xauth wmt wpi wsp xe xen xhci xl xnb xpt zero zyd

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Like a classics radio station whose play list spans decades, Unix simultaneously exhibits its mixed and dated heritage. There's Clash-era graphics interfaces; Beatles-era two-letter command names; and systems programs (for example, ps) whose terse and obscure output was designed for slow teletypes; Bing Crosby-era command editing (# and @ are still the default line editing commands), and Scott Joplin-era core dumps.
— The Unix Haters' handbook