tail head cat sleep
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Special files and drivers - Section 4 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(4).

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gpioiic gpioled gre h_ertt hatm hifn hme hpet hpt27xx hptiop hptmv hptnr hptrr hv_kvp hv_netvsc hv_storvsc hv_utils hv_vmbus hv_vss hwpmc i8254 ichsmb ichwd icmp icmp6 ida ieee1394 if_ae if_age if_alc if_ale if_an if_ath if_ath_pci if_aue if_axe if_bce if_bfe if_bge if_bnxt if_bridge if_bwi if_bwn if_bxe if_cas if_cc if_ccv if_cdce if_cue if_cxgb if_cxgbe if_cxgbev if_cxl if_cxlv if_dc if_de if_disc if_ed if_edsc if_em if_en if_enc if_epair if_et if_fatm if_fwe if_fwip if_fxp if_gem if_gif if_gre if_hatm if_hme if_igb if_ipheth if_ipsec if_ipw if_iwi if_iwm if_iwn if_ix if_ixgb if_ixgbe if_ixl if_ixlv if_jme if_kue if_lagg if_le if_lge if_lmc if_malo if_mn if_mos if_msk if_mwl if_mxge if_my if_ndis if_nf10bmac if_nfe if_nge if_ntb if_nxge if_otus if_patm if_pcn if_qlnxe if_qlxgb if_qlxgbe if_qlxge if_ral if_re if_rl if_rsu if_rue if_rum if_run if_sf if_sfxge if_sge if_sis if_sk if_smsc if_sn if_ste if_stf if_stge if_tap if_ti if_tl if_tun if_tx if_txp if_uath if_udav if_upgt if_ural if_ure if_urndis if_urtw if_urtwn if_vcc if_vcxgbe if_vcxl if_vge if_vlan if_vmx if_vr if_vte if_vtnet if_vxge if_vxlan if_wb if_wi if_wpi if_xe if_xl if_zyd ifmib ig4 igb igmp iic iicbb iicbus iicsmb iir imcsmb imm inet inet6 intpm intro io ioat ip ip6 ipaccounting ipacct ipf ipfilter ipfirewall ipfw ipheth ipl ipmi ipnat ips ipsec ipw ipwfw isci iscsi iscsi_initiator iser isl ismt isp ispfw

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