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Special files and drivers - Section 4 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(4).

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orm otus otusfw ow ow_temp owc padlock pass pccard pccbb pcf pci pcib pcic pcm pcn pf pflog pfsync pim plip pms pmspcv pnfs pnfsserver polling ppbus ppc ppi procdesc proto psm pst pt ptnet pts pty puc pwmc qat qlnxe qlxgb qlxgbe qlxge ral random rawip rc rctl re rgephy rights rl rndtest route rp rr232x rsu rsufw rtwn rtwn_pci rtwn_usb rtwnfw rue rum run runfw sa safe safexcel sbp sbp_targ sc scbus scc sched_4bsd sched_ule screen screensaver SCSI scsi sctp sdhci sem send ses sf sfxge sge siba siftr siis simplebus sio sis sk skey smartpqi smb smbios smbus smp SMP smsc sn snd snd_ad1816 snd_ak452x snd_als4000 snd_atiixp snd_cmi snd_cs4281 snd_csa snd_ds1 snd_emu10k1 snd_emu10kx snd_envy24 snd_envy24ht snd_es137x snd_ess snd_fm801 snd_gusc snd_hda snd_hdspe snd_ich snd_maestro snd_maestro3 snd_mss snd_neomagic snd_sb16 snd_sb8 snd_sbc snd_solo snd_spicds snd_t4dwave snd_uaudio snd_via8233 snd_via82c686 snd_vibes snp sound speaker spigen spkr splash sppp stderr stdin stdout ste stf stg stge sume superio SW_WATCHDOG sym syncache syncer syncookies syscons sysmouse tap targ tcp tdfx tdfx_linux terasic_mtl termios textdump ti timecounters tl tpm trm trunk tslog tty tun twa twe tws tx txp u3g u3gstub uark uart uath ubsa ubsec ubser ubtbcmfw uchcom ucom ucycom udav udbp udl udp

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