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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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tcgetpgrp tcgetsid tcgetwinsize tcsendbreak tcsetattr tcsetpgrp tcsetsid tcsetwinsize tdelete telldir tempnam term_attrs term_attrs_sp term_variables termattrs termattrs_sp termcap termname termname_sp tfind tgamma tgammaf tgetent tgetent_sp tgetflag tgetflag_sp tgetnum tgetnum_sp tgetstr tgetstr_sp tgmath tgoto this_tick thrd_create thrd_current thrd_detach thrd_equal thrd_exit thrd_join thrd_sleep thrd_yield tigetflag tigetflag_sp tigetnum tigetnum_sp tigetstr tigetstr_sp time time2posix timegm timeout timer_start timer_start_repeat timer_stop timeradd timerclear timercmp timerisset timersub times timespec_get timespecadd timespecclear timespeccmp timespecisset timespecsub timezone timingsafe_bcmp timingsafe_memcmp tmpfile tmpnam toascii tok_end tok_init tok_line tok_reset tok_str tok_wend tok_winit tok_wline tok_wreset tok_wstr tolower top_panel top_row touchline touchwin toupper towctrans towctrans_l towlower towlower_l towupper towupper_l tparm tputs tputs_sp trace tree tree_size trimdomain trunc truncf truncl TRUTH_GET TRUTH_MK TRUTH_OK tsearch tss_create tss_delete tss_get tss_set ttyname ttyname_r twalk typeahead typeahead_sp tzset tzsetwall ualarm ucontext ufs_disk_close ufs_disk_fillout ufs_disk_fillout_blank ufs_disk_write ulimit ulog_login ulog_login_pseudo ulog_logout ulog_logout_pseudo uname unctrl unctrl_sp unget_wch unget_wch_sp ungetc ungetch ungetch_sp ungetmouse ungetmouse_sp ungetwc uniaddr unifunc unimsg unisap unistruct unlockpt unpost_form unpost_menu unsetenv untouchwin unvis update_panels update_panels_sp usb usb_bulk_read usb_bulk_write usb_check_connected usb_claim_interface usb_clear_halt usb_close usb_control_msg usb_destroy_configuration usb_device usb_fetch_and_parse_descriptors usb_find_busses usb_find_devices usb_get_busses usb_get_descriptor usb_get_descriptor_by_endpoint usb_get_string usb_get_string_simple usb_init usb_interrupt_read usb_interrupt_write usb_open usb_parse_configuration usb_parse_descriptor usb_release_interface usb_reset usb_resetep usb_set_altinterface usb_set_configuration usb_set_debug usb_strerror usbhid use_default_colors use_default_colors_sp use_env use_env_sp use_extended_names use_legacy_coding use_legacy_coding_sp use_screen use_window uselocale user2netname user_from_uid usleep usm_delete_user

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