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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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waddchstr waddnstr waddnwstr waddstr waddwstr warn warnc warnx wattr_get wattr_off wattr_on wattr_set wattroff wattron wattrset wbkgd wbkgdset wbkgrnd wbkgrndset wborder wborder_set wchgat wclear wclrtobot wclrtoeol wcolor_set wcpcpy wcpncpy wcrtomb wcscasecmp wcscat wcschr wcscmp wcscoll wcscpy wcscspn wcsdup wcsftime wcslcat wcslcpy wcslen wcsncasecmp wcsncat wcsncmp wcsncpy wcsnlen wcsnrtombs wcspbrk wcsrchr wcsrtombs wcsspn wcsstr wcstod wcstof wcstoimax wcstok wcstol wcstold wcstoll wcstombs wcstoul wcstoull wcstoumax wcswidth wcsxfrm wctob wctomb wctrans wctrans_l wctype wctype_l wcursyncup wcwidth wdelch wdeleteln wecho_wchar wechochar week weekday wenclose werase wget_wch wget_wstr wgetbkgrnd wgetch wgetn_wstr wgetnstr wgetparent wgetscrreg wgetstr whline whline_set win_wch win_wchnstr win_wchstr winch winchnstr winchstr winnstr winnwstr wins_nwstr wins_wch wins_wstr winsch winsdelln winsertln winsnstr winsstr winstr winwstr wmemchr wmemcmp wmemcpy wmemmove wmemset wmouse_trafo wmove wnoutrefresh wordexp wordfree wprintf wprintw wredrawln wrefresh wresize wscanf wscanw wscrl wsetscrreg wstandend wstandout wsyncdown wsyncup wtimeout wtouchln wunctrl wunctrl_sp wvline wvline_set xallocx xdr xdr_accepted_reply xdr_array xdr_authsys_parms xdr_bool xdr_bytes xdr_callhdr xdr_callmsg xdr_char xdr_destroy xdr_double xdr_enum xdr_float xdr_free xdr_getpos xdr_inline xdr_int xdr_long xdr_opaque xdr_opaque_auth xdr_pmap xdr_pmaplist xdr_pointer xdr_reference xdr_rejected_reply xdr_replymsg xdr_setpos xdr_short xdr_sizeof xdr_string xdr_u_char xdr_u_long xdr_u_short xdr_union xdr_vector xdr_void xdr_wrapstring xdrmem_create xdrrec_create xdrrec_endofrecord xdrrec_eof xdrrec_skiprecord xdrstdio_create xlocale xo_attr xo_attr_h xo_attr_hv xo_clear_flags xo_close_container xo_close_container_d xo_close_container_h xo_close_container_hd xo_close_instance xo_close_instance_d xo_close_instance_h xo_close_instance_hd xo_close_list xo_close_list_d xo_close_list_h xo_close_list_hd

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