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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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statvfs stdarg stdio stpcpy stpncpy strcasecmp strcasecmp_l strcasestr strcasestr_l strcat strchr strchrnul strcmp strcoll strcoll_l strcount strcpy strcspn strdup strenvisx strerror strerror_r strexpand strexpandnl strfmon strfmon_l strftime strftime_l string string_commit string_free string_get string_get_max string_rollback string_save stringlist strlcat strlcpy strlen strmode strncasecmp strncasecmp_l strncat strncmp strncpy strndup strnlen strnstr strnunvis strnunvisx strnvis strnvisx strpbrk strptime strptime_l strrchr strsenvisx strsep strsignal strsnvis strsnvisx strspn strstr strsvis strsvisx strtod strtof strtofflags strtoimax strtok strtok_r strtol strtold strtoll strtolower strtonum strtoq strtoul strtoull strtoumax strtouq strunvis strunvisx strvis strvisx strxfrm strxfrm_l subpad subwin svc_auth_reg svc_control svc_create svc_destroy svc_dg_create svc_dg_enablecache svc_exit svc_fd_create svc_fds svc_fdset svc_freeargs svc_getargs svc_getcaller svc_getreq_common svc_getreq_poll svc_getreqset svc_getrpccaller svc_pollset svc_raw_create svc_reg svc_register svc_run svc_sendreply svc_tli_create svc_tp_create svc_unreg svc_unregister svc_vc_create svcerr_auth svcerr_decode svcerr_noproc svcerr_noprog svcerr_progvers svcerr_systemerr svcerr_weakauth svcfd_create svcraw_create svctcp_create svcudp_bufcreate svcunix_create svcunixfd_create svis swab swapcontext swprintf swscanf syncok sys_errlist sys_nerr sys_siglist sys_signame sysconf sysctl sysctlbyname sysctlnametomib sysdecode sysdecode_abi_to_freebsd_errno sysdecode_accessmode sysdecode_acltype sysdecode_atfd sysdecode_atflags sysdecode_cap_rights sysdecode_capfcntlrights sysdecode_cmsg_type sysdecode_enum sysdecode_extattrnamespace sysdecode_fadvice sysdecode_fcntl_arg sysdecode_fcntl_arg_p sysdecode_fcntl_cmd sysdecode_fcntl_fileflags sysdecode_fileflags sysdecode_filemode sysdecode_flock_operation sysdecode_freebsd_to_abi_errno sysdecode_getfsstat_mode sysdecode_getrusage_who sysdecode_idtype sysdecode_ioctlname sysdecode_ipproto sysdecode_kevent sysdecode_kevent_fflags sysdecode_kevent_filter sysdecode_kevent_flags sysdecode_kldsym_cmd sysdecode_kldunload_flags sysdecode_lio_listio_mode sysdecode_madvice sysdecode_mask sysdecode_minherit_flags sysdecode_mlockall_flags sysdecode_mmap_flags sysdecode_mmap_prot sysdecode_mount_flags sysdecode_msg_flags sysdecode_msgctl_cmd sysdecode_msync_flags sysdecode_nfssvc_flags sysdecode_open_flags sysdecode_pathconf_name sysdecode_pipe2_flags sysdecode_prio_which sysdecode_procctl_cmd sysdecode_ptrace_request sysdecode_quotactl_cmd sysdecode_reboot_howto sysdecode_rfork_flags sysdecode_rlimit sysdecode_rtprio_function sysdecode_scheduler_policy sysdecode_sctp_nxt_flags

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