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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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atanf atanh atanhf atanhl atanl atexit atf-c atf-c++ atf-c-api atf-c-api++ atf-sh atf-sh-api atf_add_test_case atf_check atf_check_equal atf_config_get atf_config_has atf_expect_death atf_expect_exit atf_expect_fail atf_expect_pass atf_expect_signal atf_expect_timeout atf_fail atf_get atf_get_srcdir atf_init_test_cases atf_pass atf_require_prog atf_set atf_skip atf_test_case atof atoi atol atoll atomic_compare_exchange_strong atomic_compare_exchange_strong_explicit atomic_compare_exchange_weak atomic_compare_exchange_weak_explicit atomic_exchange atomic_exchange_explicit atomic_fetch_add atomic_fetch_add_explicit atomic_fetch_and atomic_fetch_and_explicit atomic_fetch_or atomic_fetch_or_explicit atomic_fetch_sub atomic_fetch_sub_explicit atomic_fetch_xor atomic_fetch_xor_explicit atomic_init atomic_is_lock_free atomic_load atomic_load_explicit atomic_store atomic_store_explicit ATOMIC_VAR_INIT attr_get attr_off attr_on attr_set attroff attron attrset au_bsm_to_domain au_bsm_to_errno au_bsm_to_fcntl_cmd au_bsm_to_socket_type au_class au_close au_close_buffer au_close_token au_control au_domain au_domain_to_bsm au_errno au_errno_to_bsm au_event au_fcntl_cmd au_fcntl_cmd_t_bsm au_fetch_tok au_free_token au_get_state au_io au_mask au_notify au_notify_initialize au_notify_terminate au_open au_poltostr au_preselect au_print_tok au_read_rec au_socket_type au_socket_type_to_bsm au_strerror au_strtopol au_to_arg au_to_arg32 au_to_arg64 au_to_attr64 au_to_data au_to_exec_args au_to_exec_env au_to_exit au_to_file au_to_groups au_to_header au_to_header32 au_to_header64 au_to_in_addr au_to_in_addr_ex au_to_ip au_to_ipc au_to_ipc_perm au_to_iport au_to_me au_to_newgroups au_to_opaque au_to_path au_to_process au_to_process32 au_to_process32_ex au_to_process64 au_to_process64_ex au_to_process_ex au_to_return au_to_return32 au_to_return64 au_to_seq au_to_sock_inet au_to_sock_inet128 au_to_sock_inet32 au_to_subject au_to_subject32 au_to_subject32_ex au_to_subject64 au_to_subject64_ex au_to_subject_ex au_to_text au_to_trailer au_to_zonename au_token au_user au_user_mask au_write audit_submit auth_cat auth_checknologin auth_destroy auth_hostok auth_timeok auth_ttyok authdes_create authdes_getucred authnone_create authsys_create authsys_create_default authunix_create authunix_create_default backtrace backtrace_symbols backtrace_symbols_fd backtrace_symbols_fd_fmt backtrace_symbols_fmt basename basename_r baudrate baudrate_sp bcmp bcopy bdaddr_any bdaddr_copy bdaddr_same beep beep_sp berase bindresvport bindresvport_sa bit_alloc bit_clear bit_decl bit_ffc bit_ffc_at bit_ffs bit_ffs_at bit_nclear bit_nset bit_set bit_test bitstr_size bitstring bkgd bkgdset bkgrnd bkgrndset blacklist blacklist_close

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"I liken starting one's computing career with Unix, say as an undergraduate, to being born in East Africa. It is intolerably hot, your body is covered with lice and flies, you are malnourished and you suffer from numerous curable diseases. But, as far as young East Africans can tell, this is simply the natural condition and they live within it. By the time they find out differently, it is too late. They already think that the writing of shell scripts is a natural act."
— Ken Pier, Xerox PARC