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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

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blacklist_open blacklist_r blacklist_sa blacklist_sa_r bluetooth border border_set bottom_panel box box_set bread bsde_add_rule bsde_delete_rule bsde_get_rule bsde_get_rule_count bsde_get_rule_slots bsde_parse_rule bsde_parse_rule_string bsde_rule_to_string bsde_set_rule bsearch bsm bsnmpagent bsnmpclient bsnmpd_get_target_stats bsnmpd_get_usm_stats bsnmpd_reset_usm_stats bsnmplib bstring bt_aton bt_devaddr bt_devclose bt_devenum bt_devfilter bt_devfilter_evt_clr bt_devfilter_evt_set bt_devfilter_evt_tst bt_devfilter_pkt_clr bt_devfilter_pkt_set bt_devfilter_pkt_tst bt_devinfo bt_devinquiry bt_devname bt_devopen bt_devreq bt_devsend bt_endhostent bt_endprotoent bt_gethostbyaddr bt_gethostbyname bt_gethostent bt_getprotobyname bt_getprotobynumber bt_getprotoent bt_ntoa bt_sethostent bt_setprotoent btowc btree buf_alloc buf_size buff_decode buff_decode_visit buff_encode_visit buildmatch bwrite byteorder bzero c16rtomb c32rtomb cabs cabsf cabsl cacos cacosf cacosh cacoshf cacoshl cacosl calendar call_once calloc callrpc cam cam_cdbparse cam_close_device cam_close_spec_device cam_device_copy cam_device_dup cam_freeccb cam_get_device cam_getccb cam_open_btl cam_open_device cam_open_pass cam_open_spec_device cam_path_string cam_send_ccb can_change_color can_change_color_sp cap_clone cap_close cap_init cap_limit_get cap_limit_set cap_recv_nvlist cap_rights_clear cap_rights_contains cap_rights_get cap_rights_init cap_rights_is_set cap_rights_is_valid cap_rights_merge cap_rights_remove cap_rights_set cap_sandboxed cap_send_nvlist cap_service_open cap_sock cap_unwrap cap_wrap cap_xfer_nvlist caph_cache_catpages caph_cache_tzdata caph_limit_stderr caph_limit_stdin caph_limit_stdio caph_limit_stdout caph_limit_stream capsicum_helpers carg cargf cargl casin casinf casinh casinhf casinhl casinl catan catanf catanh catanhf catanhl catanl catclose catgets catopen cbc_crypt cbreak cbreak_sp cbrt cbrtf cbrtl ccos ccosf ccosh ccoshf ceil ceilf ceiling_panel ceill cexp cexpf cfgetispeed cfgetospeed cfmakeraw cfmakesane cfsetispeed cfsetospeed cfsetspeed cgetcap cgetclose cgetent cgetfirst cgetmatch cgetnext cgetnum cgetset cgetstr cgetustr cgread cgread1 cgwrite1 check_utility_compat checkversion chgat cimag cimagf cimagl clear clearerr clearerr_unlocked clearok clnt_broadcast clnt_call clnt_control clnt_create clnt_create_timed clnt_create_vers

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