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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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flsl flsll flushinp flushinp_sp fma fmaf fmal fmax fmaxf fmaxl fmemopen fmin fminf fminl fmod fmodf fmodl fmtcheck fmtmsg fnmatch fopen fopencookie forkpty form form_cursor form_data form_driver form_field form_field_attributes form_field_buffer form_field_info form_field_just form_field_new form_field_opts form_field_userptr form_field_validation form_fields form_fieldtype form_hook form_init form_new form_new_page form_opts form_opts_off form_opts_on form_page form_post form_request_by_name form_request_name form_requestname form_sub form_term form_userptr form_variables form_win fparseln fpclassify fpgetmask fpgetprec fpgetround fpgetsticky fpresetsticky fprintf fprintf_l fpsetmask fpsetprec fpsetround fpurge fputc fputs fputwc fputws fread free free_field free_fieldtype free_form free_item free_menu freeaddrinfo freehostent freeifaddrs freeifmaddrs freelocale freenetconfigent freopen frexp frexpf frexpl fropen fscanf fscanf_l fseek fseeko fsetpos fstatvfs ftell ftello ftime ftok ftrylockfile fts fts_children fts_close fts_get_clientptr fts_get_stream fts_open fts_read fts_set fts_set_clientptr ftw funlockfile funopen fwide fwopen fwprintf fwrite fwscanf g_close g_delete g_device_path g_flush g_get_ident g_get_name g_mediasize g_open g_open_by_ident g_providername g_sectorsize gai_strerror gamma gammaf gctl_dump gctl_free gctl_get_handle gctl_issue gctl_ro_param gctl_rw_param gdate gelf gelf_checksum gelf_fsize gelf_getcap gelf_getclass gelf_getdyn gelf_getehdr gelf_getmove gelf_getphdr gelf_getrel gelf_getrela gelf_getshdr gelf_getsym gelf_getsyminfo gelf_getsymshndx gelf_newehdr gelf_newphdr gelf_update_cap gelf_update_dyn gelf_update_ehdr gelf_update_move gelf_update_phdr gelf_update_rel gelf_update_rela gelf_update_shdr gelf_update_sym gelf_update_syminfo gelf_update_symshndx gelf_xlatetof gelf_xlatetom geom_stats_close geom_stats_open geom_stats_resync geom_stats_snapshot_free geom_stats_snapshot_get geom_stats_snapshot_next geom_stats_snapshot_reset geom_stats_snapshot_timestamp get_config_option get_escdelay_sp get_myaddress get_ticks get_wch get_wstr getacdir getacfilesz getacflg getacmin getacna getacpol getaddrinfo getauclassent getauclassent_r getauclassnam getauclassnam_3 getauditflagsbin getauditflagschar getauevent getauevent_r getauevnam getauevnam_r

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