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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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getauevnonam getauevnonam_r getauevnum getauevnum_r getauuserent getauuserent_r getauusernam getauusernam_R getbegx getbegy getbegyx getbkgd getbkgrnd getbootfile getbsize getc getc_unlocked getcap getcchar getch getchar getchar_unlocked getcontext getcontextx getcurx getcury getcwd getdelim getdevs getdiskbyname getdomainname getenv getfauditflags getfsent getfsfile getfsspec getfstab getfstype getgeneration getgrent getgrent_r getgrgid getgrgid_r getgrnam getgrnam_r getgrouplist gethostbyaddr gethostbyname gethostbyname2 gethostent gethostid gethostname getifaddrs getifmaddrs getipnodebyaddr getipnodebyname getipv4sourcefilter getline getloadavg getlogin_r getmaxx getmaxy getmaxyx getmntinfo getmode getmouse getmouse_sp getn_wstr getnameinfo getnetbyaddr getnetbyname getnetconfig getnetconfigent getnetent getnetgrent getnetgrent_r getnetname getnetpath getnstr getnumdevs getopt getopt_long getopt_long_only getosreldate getpagesize getpagesizes getparx getpary getparyx getpass getpeereid getprogname getprotobyname getprotobynumber getprotoent getpublickey getpwent getpwent_r getpwnam getpwnam_r getpwuid getpwuid_r getrpcbyname getrpcbynumber getrpcent getrpcport gets gets_s getsecretkey getservbyname getservbyport getservent getsourcefilter getstr getsubopt getsyx getttyent getttynam getusershell getutxent getutxid getutxline getutxuser getversion getvfsbyname getw getwc getwchar getwd getwin getwin_sp getyx glob globfree gmtime gmtime_r gpio gpio_close gpio_open gpio_open_device gpio_pin_config gpio_pin_get gpio_pin_high gpio_pin_input gpio_pin_invin gpio_pin_invout gpio_pin_list gpio_pin_low gpio_pin_opendrain gpio_pin_output gpio_pin_pulldown gpio_pin_pullup gpio_pin_pulsate gpio_pin_pushpull gpio_pin_set gpio_pin_set_flags gpio_pin_set_name gpio_pin_tristate grantpt ground_panel group_from_gid gss_accept_sec_context gss_acquire_cred gss_add_cred gss_add_oid_set_member gss_canonicalize_name gss_compare_name gss_context_time gss_create_empty_oid_set gss_delete_sec_context gss_display_name gss_display_status gss_duplicate_name gss_export_name gss_export_sec_context gss_get_mic gss_import_name gss_import_sec_context gss_indicate_mechs gss_init_sec_context gss_inquire_context gss_inquire_cred gss_inquire_cred_by_mech gss_inquire_mechs_for_name gss_inquire_names_for_mech gss_process_context_token gss_release_buffer gss_release_cred gss_release_name gss_release_oid_set gss_seal gss_sign gss_test_oid_set_member gss_unseal gss_unwrap gss_verify gss_verify_mic gss_wrap gss_wrap_size_limit gssapi

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