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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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memstat_mtl_alloc memstat_mtl_find memstat_mtl_first memstat_mtl_free memstat_mtl_geterror memstat_mtl_next memstat_strerror memstat_sysctl_all memstat_sysctl_malloc memstat_sysctl_uma menu menu_attributes menu_back menu_cursor menu_driver menu_fore menu_format menu_grey menu_hook menu_init menu_items menu_mark menu_new menu_opts menu_opts_off menu_opts_on menu_pad menu_pattern menu_post menu_request_by_name menu_request_name menu_requestname menu_spacing menu_sub menu_term menu_userptr menu_win mergesort meta minor mitem_current mitem_name mitem_new mitem_opts mitem_userptr mitem_value mitem_visible mkdtemp mkostemp mkostemps mkstemp mkstemps mktemp mktime modf modff modfl moncontrol monstartup mouse_trafo mouseinterval mouseinterval_sp mousemask mousemask_sp move move_field move_panel mpool mrand48 mt mtx_destroy mtx_init mtx_lock mtx_timedlock mtx_trylock mtx_unlock multibyte mvadd_wch mvadd_wchnstr mvadd_wchstr mvaddch mvaddchnstr mvaddchstr mvaddnstr mvaddnwstr mvaddstr mvaddwstr mvchgat mvcur mvcur_sp mvdelch mvderwin mvget_wch mvget_wstr mvgetch mvgetn_wstr mvgetnstr mvgetstr mvhline mvhline_set mvin_wch mvin_wchnstr mvin_wchstr mvinch mvinchnstr mvinchstr mvinnstr mvinnwstr mvins_nwstr mvins_wch mvins_wstr mvinsch mvinsnstr mvinsstr mvinstr mvinwstr mvprintw mvscanw mvvline mvvline_set mvwadd_wch mvwadd_wchnstr mvwadd_wchstr mvwaddch mvwaddchnstr mvwaddchstr mvwaddnstr mvwaddnwstr mvwaddstr mvwaddwstr mvwchgat mvwdelch mvwget_wch mvwget_wstr mvwgetch mvwgetn_wstr mvwgetnstr mvwgetstr mvwhline mvwhline_set mvwin mvwin_wch mvwin_wchnstr mvwin_wchstr mvwinch mvwinchnstr mvwinchstr mvwinnstr mvwinnwstr mvwins_nwstr mvwins_wch mvwins_wstr mvwinsch mvwinsnstr mvwinsstr mvwinstr mvwinwstr mvwprintw mvwscanw mvwvline mvwvline_set nallocx nan nanf nanl napms napms_sp nc_perror nc_sperror ncurses ndaysg ndaysj nearbyint nearbyintf nearbyintl netgraph netname2host netname2user network new_field new_fieldtype new_form new_form_sp new_item new_menu new_menu_sp new_page new_panel new_prescr newlocale newpad newpad_sp newterm newterm_sp newwin newwin_sp NEXT_OBJECT_INT NEXT_OBJECT_INT_LINK NEXT_OBJECT_INT_LINK_INDEX NEXT_OBJECT_OID

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