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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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echo_sp echo_wchar echochar edata editline efi_append_variable efi_del_variable efi_get_next_variable_name efi_get_variable efi_get_variable_attributes efi_get_variable_size efi_guid_to_name efi_guid_to_str efi_guid_to_symbol efi_name_to_guid efi_set_variable efi_str_to_guid efi_variables_supported efivar el_deletestr el_end el_get el_getc el_gets el_init el_init_fd el_insertstr el_line el_parse el_push el_reset el_resize el_set el_source el_wdeletestr el_wget el_wgetc el_wgets el_winsertstr el_wline el_wparse el_wpush el_wset elf elf32_checksum elf32_fsize elf32_getehdr elf32_getphdr elf32_getshdr elf32_newehdr elf32_newphdr elf32_xlatetof elf32_xlatetom elf64_checksum elf64_fsize elf64_getehdr elf64_getphdr elf64_getshdr elf64_newehdr elf64_newphdr elf64_xlatetof elf64_xlatetom elf_aux_info elf_begin elf_cntl elf_end elf_errmsg elf_errno elf_fill elf_flagarhdr elf_flagdata elf_flagehdr elf_flagelf elf_flagphdr elf_flagscn elf_flagshdr elf_getarhdr elf_getarsym elf_getbase elf_getdata elf_getident elf_getphdrnum elf_getphnum elf_getscn elf_getshdrnum elf_getshdrstrndx elf_getshnum elf_getshstrndx elf_hash elf_kind elf_memory elf_ndxscn elf_newdata elf_newscn elf_next elf_nextscn elf_open elf_openmemory elf_rand elf_rawdata elf_rawfile elf_setshstrndx elf_strptr elf_update elf_version elftc elftc_bfd_find_target elftc_bfd_target_byteorder elftc_bfd_target_class elftc_bfd_target_flavor elftc_bfd_target_machine elftc_copyfile elftc_demangle elftc_reloc_type_str elftc_set_timestamps elftc_string_table_create elftc_string_table_destroy elftc_string_table_from_section elftc_string_table_image elftc_string_table_insert elftc_string_table_lookup elftc_string_table_remove elftc_string_table_to_string elftc_timestamp elftc_version end endac endauclass endauevent endauuser endfsent endgrent endhostent endnetconfig endnetent endnetgrent endnetpath endprotoent endpwent endrpcent endservent endttyent endusershell endutxent endwin endwin_sp erand48 erase erasechar erasechar_sp erasewchar erf erfc erfcf erfcl erff erfl err err_set_exit err_set_file errc errx etext ether_aton ether_hostton ether_line ether_ntoa ether_ntohost ethers eui64 eui64_aton eui64_hostton eui64_ntoa eui64_ntohost EV_SET exec execl execle execlp exect execv execvP execvp exit exp exp2 exp2f exp2l expand_number expf expl explicit_bzero expm1 expm1f expm1l extattr extattr_namespace_to_string extattr_string_to_namespace fabs fabsf

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