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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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elftc_reloc_type_str elftc_set_timestamps elftc_string_table_create elftc_timestamp elftc_version end endac endauclass endauevent endauuser endfsent endgrent endhostent endnetconfig endnetent endnetgrent endnetpath endprotoent endpwent endrpcent endservent endttyent endusershell endutxent endwin endwin_sp erand48 erase erasechar erasechar_sp erasewchar erf erfc erfcf erfcl erff erfl err err_set_exit err_set_file errc errx etext ether_aton ether_hostton ether_line ether_ntoa ether_ntohost ethers eui64 eui64_aton eui64_hostton eui64_ntoa eui64_ntohost EV_SET exec execl execle execlp exect execv execvP execvp exit exp exp2 exp2f exp2l expand_number expf expl explicit_bzero expm1 expm1f expm1l extattr extattr_namespace_to_string extattr_string_to_namespace fabs fabsf fabsl fclose fcloseall FD_CLR fd_deselect FD_ISSET fd_resume fd_select FD_SET fd_suspend FD_ZERO fdclose fdclosedir fdevname fdevname_r fdim fdimf fdiml fdlopen fdopen fdopendir feature_present feclearexcept fedisableexcept feenableexcept fegetenv fegetexcept fegetexceptflag fegetround feholdexcept fenv feof feof_unlocked feraiseexcept ferror ferror_unlocked fesetenv fesetexceptflag fesetround fetch fetchFreeURL fetchGet fetchGetFile fetchGetFTP fetchGetHTTP fetchGetURL fetchList fetchListFile fetchListFTP fetchListHTTP fetchListURL fetchMakeURL fetchParseURL fetchPut fetchPutFile fetchPutFTP fetchPutHTTP fetchPutURL fetchStat fetchStatFile fetchStatFTP fetchStatHTTP fetchStatURL fetchXGet fetchXGetFile fetchXGetFTP fetchXGetHTTP fetchXGetURL fetestexcept feupdateenv fflagstostr fflush ffs ffsl ffsll fgetc fgetln fgetpos fgets fgetwc fgetwln fgetws field_arg field_back field_buffer field_count field_fore field_index field_info field_init field_just field_opts field_opts_off field_opts_on field_pad field_status field_term field_type field_userptr figpar fileno fileno_unlocked filter filter_sp FIND_OBJECT_INT FIND_OBJECT_INT_LINK FIND_OBJECT_INT_LINK_INDEX FIND_OBJECT_OID FIND_OBJECT_OID_LINK FIND_OBJECT_OID_LINK_INDEX finite finitef flash flash_sp flockfile floor floorf floorl flopen fls

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