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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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RB_PROTOTYPE RB_PROTOTYPE_STATIC RB_REMOVE RB_RIGHT RB_ROOT rcmd rcmd_af rcmdsh re_comp re_exec readdir readdir_r readpassphrase realhostname realhostname_sa realloc reallocarray reallocf realpath recno redrawwin refresh regcomp regerror regex regexec regfree registerrpc remainder remainderf remainderl remove removeFromUtmp removeLineFromUtmp remque remquo remquof remquol replace_panel replaceall reqid_allocate reqid_base reqid_istype reqid_next reqid_type request_init request_set res_init res_mkquery res_query res_search res_send reset_prog_mode reset_prog_mode_sp reset_shell_mode reset_shell_mode_sp resetty resetty_sp resize_term resize_term_sp resizeterm resizeterm_sp resolver restartterm restartterm_sp rewind rewinddir rexec rfork_thread rindex rint rintf rintl ripemd RIPEMD160_Data RIPEMD160_End RIPEMD160_File RIPEMD160_FileChunk RIPEMD160_Final RIPEMD160_Init RIPEMD160_Update ripoffline ripoffline_sp round roundf roundl rpc rpc_broadcast rpc_broadcast_exp rpc_call rpc_clnt_auth rpc_clnt_calls rpc_clnt_create rpc_createerr rpc_gss_get_error rpc_gss_get_mech_info rpc_gss_get_mechanisms rpc_gss_get_principal_name rpc_gss_get_versions rpc_gss_getcred rpc_gss_is_installed rpc_gss_max_data_length rpc_gss_mech_to_oid rpc_gss_oid_to_mech rpc_gss_qop_to_num rpc_gss_seccreate rpc_gss_set_callback rpc_gss_set_defaults rpc_gss_set_svc_name rpc_gss_svc_max_data_length rpc_reg rpc_secure rpc_soc rpc_svc_calls rpc_svc_create rpc_svc_err rpc_svc_reg rpc_xdr rpcb_getaddr rpcb_getmaps rpcb_gettime rpcb_rmtcall rpcb_set rpcb_unset rpcbind rpcsec_gss rpmatch rpoll rresvport rresvport_af rtime ruserok sallocx savetty savetty_sp sbread sbwrite scalb scalbf scalbln scalblnf scalblnl scalbn scalbnf scalbnl scale_form scale_menu scandir scanf scanf_l scanw scr_dump scr_init scr_init_sp scr_restore scr_restore_sp scr_set scr_set_sp scrl scroll scrollok sctp_bindx sctp_connectx sctp_freeladdrs sctp_freepaddrs sctp_getaddrlen sctp_getassocid sctp_getladdrs sctp_getpaddrs sctp_opt_info sctp_recvmsg sctp_send sctp_sendmsg sctp_sendmsgx sctp_sendx sdallocx sdp sdp_attr2desc sdp_change_service sdp_close sdp_error SDP_GET128 SDP_GET16 SDP_GET32 SDP_GET64 SDP_GET8 sdp_open sdp_open_local SDP_PUT128 SDP_PUT16 SDP_PUT32 SDP_PUT64 SDP_PUT8 sdp_register_service sdp_search sdp_unregister_service sdp_uuid2desc seed48 seekdir selectdevs

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