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Library functions - Section 3 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(3).

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clnt_create_vers_timed clnt_destroy clnt_dg_create clnt_freeres clnt_geterr clnt_pcreateerror clnt_perrno clnt_perror clnt_raw_create clnt_spcreateerror clnt_sperrno clnt_sperror clnt_tli_create clnt_tp_create clnt_tp_create_timed clnt_vc_create clntraw_create clnttcp_create clntudp_bufcreate clntudp_create clntunix_create clock clock_getcpuclockid closedir closelog clrtobot clrtoeol cnd_broadcast cnd_destroy cnd_init cnd_signal cnd_timedwait cnd_wait color_content color_content_sp COLOR_PAIR color_set com_err comm_define community complex compute_etime compute_stats confstr conj conjf conjl copysign copysignf copysignl copywin cos cosf cosh coshf coshl cosl cproj cprojf cprojl creal crealf creall crypt crypt_get_format crypt_set_format csin csinf csinh csinhf csio_build csio_build_visit csio_decode csio_decode_visit csio_encode csio_encode_visit csqrt csqrtf csqrtl ctan ctanf ctanh ctanhf ctermid ctermid_r ctime ctime_r ctype ctype_l current_field current_item curs_add_wch curs_add_wchstr curs_addch curs_addchstr curs_addstr curs_addwstr curs_attr curs_beep curs_bkgd curs_bkgrnd curs_border curs_border_set curs_clear curs_color curs_delch curs_deleteln curs_extend curs_get_wch curs_get_wstr curs_getcchar curs_getch curs_getstr curs_getyx curs_in_wch curs_in_wchstr curs_inch curs_inchstr curs_initscr curs_inopts curs_ins_wch curs_ins_wstr curs_insch curs_insstr curs_instr curs_inwstr curs_kernel curs_legacy curs_memleaks curs_mouse curs_move curs_opaque curs_outopts curs_overlay curs_pad curs_print curs_printw curs_refresh curs_scanw curs_scr_dump curs_scroll curs_set curs_set_sp curs_slk curs_sp_funcs curs_termattrs curs_termcap curs_terminfo curs_threads curs_touch curs_trace curs_util curs_variables curs_window curses curses_version cuse cuse_alloc_unit_number cuse_alloc_unit_number_by_id cuse_copy_in cuse_copy_out cuse_dev_create cuse_dev_destroy cuse_dev_get_current cuse_dev_get_per_file_handle cuse_dev_get_priv0 cuse_dev_get_priv1 cuse_dev_set_per_file_handle cuse_dev_set_priv0 cuse_dev_set_priv1 cuse_free_unit_number cuse_free_unit_number_by_id cuse_get_local cuse_got_peer_signal cuse_init cuse_is_vmalloc_addr cuse_poll_wakeup cuse_set_local cuse_uninit cuse_vmalloc cuse_vmfree cuse_vmoffset cuse_wait_and_process cuserid daemon dallocx data_ahead data_behind db dbm dbm_clearerr dbm_close dbm_delete dbm_dirnfo dbm_error dbm_fetch dbm_firstkey dbm_nextkey dbm_open dbm_store

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This philosophy, in the hands of amateurs, leads to inexplicably mind-numbing botches like the existence of two programs, “head” and “tail,” which print the first part or the last part of a file, depending. Even though their operations are duals of one another, “head” and “tail” are different programs, written by different authors, and take different options!
— The Unix Haters' handbook