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システムカーネルインタフェースの紹介 - セクション 9 - manページ


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accept_filter accf_data accf_http acl be16dec be16enc be16toh be32dec be32enc be32toh be64dec be64enc be64toh bintime binuptime bios boot boottime bp bswap16 bswap32 bswap64 buf BUF_LOCK BUF_LOCKFREE BUF_LOCKINIT BUF_REFCNT BUF_TIMELOCK BUF_UNLOCK bus_activate_resource BUS_ADD_CHILD bus_alloc_resource bus_alloc_resource_any bus_child_present BUS_CONFIG_INTR bus_deactivate_resource bus_generic_attach bus_generic_detach bus_generic_print_child bus_generic_read_ivar bus_generic_shutdown bus_generic_write_ivar BUS_PRINT_CHILD BUS_READ_IVAR bus_release_resource bus_set_resource bus_setup_intr BUS_SETUP_INTR bus_teardown_intr BUS_TEARDOWN_INTR BUS_WRITE_IVAR byteorder callout callout_active callout_deactivate callout_drain callout_handle_init callout_init callout_pending callout_reset callout_stop cd condvar copy copyin copyinstr copyout copystr cpu_switch cpu_throw CTASSERT cv_broadcast cv_broadcastpri cv_destroy cv_init cv_signal cv_timedwait cv_timedwait_sig cv_wait cv_wait_sig cv_wmesg DECLARE_MODULE DELAY destroy_dev dev_depends DEV_MODULE devclass devclass_add_driver devclass_delete_driver devclass_find devclass_find_driver devclass_get_device devclass_get_devices devclass_get_maxunit devclass_get_name devclass_get_softc device device_add_child device_add_child_ordered DEVICE_ATTACH device_busy device_delete_child DEVICE_DETACH device_disable device_enable device_find_child device_get_children device_get_desc device_get_devclass device_get_driver device_get_flags device_get_ivars device_get_name device_get_nameunit device_get_parent device_get_softc device_get_state device_get_unit DEVICE_IDENTIFY device_ids device_is_alive device_is_attached device_is_enabled device_is_quiet device_printf DEVICE_PROBE device_probe_and_attach device_quiet device_set_desc device_set_desc_copy device_set_driver device_set_flags device_set_ivars DEVICE_SHUTDOWN device_unbusy device_verbose devicestat devstat devstat_add_entry devstat_end_transaction devstat_remove_entry devstat_start_transaction devsw devtoname driver DRIVER_MODULE extattr fetch FREE free fubyte fuswintr fusword fuword getbintime getbinuptime getmicrotime getmicrouptime getnanotime getnanouptime groupmember gsignal htobe16 htobe32 htobe64 htole16 htole32 htole64 inittodr intro KASSERT kernacc le16dec le16enc le16toh le32dec le32enc le32toh le64dec le64enc le64toh lock lockcount lockdestroy lockinit lockmgr lockmgr_printinfo lockstatus log major make_dev make_dev_alias malloc MALLOC MALLOC_DECLARE MALLOC_DEFINE MD5 MD5Init MD5Transform mi_switch microseq

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On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament], 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.
— Charles Babbage