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System administration - Section 8 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(8).

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rpc.umntall rpc.yppasswdd rpc.ypxfrd rpcbind rpcinfo rrenumd rrestore rshd rtadvctl rtadvd rtquery rtsol rtsold rwhod sa sade savecore sdpcontrol sdpd sendmail service services_mkdb sesutil setextattr setfmac setfsmac setkey setpmac sftp-server showmount shutdown sicontrol smbmsg smrsh snapinfo sntp spkrtest spppcontrol spray ssh-keysign ssh-pkcs11-helper sshd strfile string2key swapctl swapinfo swapoff swapon sync sysctl syslogd sysrc talkd tcpd tcpdchk tcpdmatch tcpdrop telnetd tftp-proxy tftpd timed timedc traceroute traceroute6 trpt tunefs tzsetup uathload uefi uefisign ugidfw umount unbound unbound-anchor unbound-checkconf unbound-control unstr updatedb usbconfig usbdump utx verify_krb5_conf version.4th vigr vipw vmstat vtfontcvt wake watch watchdog watchdogd wire-test wlandebug wpa_cli wpa_passphrase wpa_supplicant yp YP yp_mkdb ypbind ypinit ypldap yppoll yppush ypserv ypset ypxfr zdb zdump zfs zfs-program zfsboot zfsbootcfg zfsd zfsloader zic zonectl zpool zzz

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