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System administration - Section 8 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(8).

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kcm kdc kdigest kerberos keyserv kfd kgmon kimpersonate kldconfig kldload kldstat kldunload kldxref kpasswdd kstash ktrdump ktutil l2control l2ping lastlogin ldconfig lmcconfig loader loader.4th locate.updatedb lockd lpc lpd lptcontrol lsextattr mail.local mailstats mailwrapper makefs makemap makewhatis makewhatis.local manctl mdconfig mdmfs memcontrol menu.4th menusets.4th mergemaster mfiutil mixer mk-amd-map mknetid mknod mksnap_ffs mkuzip mld6query mlx5tool mlxcontrol mount mount.conf mount_cd9660 mount_fusefs mount_mfs mount_msdosfs mount_nfs mount_nullfs mount_smbfs mount_udf mount_unionfs mountd moused mprutil mpsutil mptutil mtest mtree nanobsd nanobsd.sh natd ndis_events ndiscvt ndisgen ndp newfs newfs_msdos newkey newsyslog nextboot nfscbd nfsd nfsdumpstate nfsiod nfsrevoke nfsuserd ngctl nghook NIS nis nmtree nologin nos-tun nscd ntp-keygen ntpd ntpdate ntpdc ntpq ntptime nvmecontrol pac pam_chroot pam_deny pam_echo pam_exec pam_ftpusers pam_group pam_guest pam_krb5 pam_ksu pam_lastlog pam_login_access pam_nologin pam_opie pam_opieaccess pam_passwdqc pam_permit pam_radius pam_rhosts pam_rootok pam_securetty pam_self pam_ssh pam_tacplus pam_unix pc-sysinstall pciconf periodic pfctl pflogd phttpget picobsd ping ping6 pmcannotate pmccontrol pmcstat pmcstudy portsnap powerd poweroff ppp pppctl pppoed praliases procctl pstat purgestat pw pwd_mkdb pxeboot quot quotacheck quotaoff quotaon rarpd rbootd rc rc.atm rc.d rc.firewall rc.local rc.network rc.pccard rc.sendmail rc.serial rc.shutdown rc.subr rcorder rctl rdump reboot renice repquota rescue resolvconf restore revnetgroup rfcomm_pppd rip6query rlogind rmail rmextattr rmt rmuser route route6d routed rpc.lockd rpc.rquotad rpc.rstatd rpc.rusersd rpc.rwalld rpc.sprayd rpc.statd

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