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システムメンテナンスおよび操作コマンドの紹介 - セクション 8 - manページ


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ntpq ntptime ntptrace pac pam_opie pam_opieaccess pam_radius pam_ssh pam_tacplus pccardc pccardd pciconf periodic picobsd ping ping6 pnpinfo ppp pppctl pppd pppoed pppstats praliases procctl pstat pw pwd_mkdb pxeboot quot quotacheck quotaoff quotaon rarpd raycontrol rbootd rc rc.atm rc.d rc.early rc.firewall rc.local rc.network rc.pccard rc.sendmail rc.serial rc.shutdown rc.subr rcorder rdump reboot renice repquota rescue restore revnetgroup rexecd rip6query rlogind rmail rmextattr rmt rmuser route route6d routed rpc.lockd rpc.rquotad rpc.rstatd rpc.rusersd rpc.rwalld rpc.sprayd rpc.statd rpc.umntall rpc.yppasswdd rpc.ypxfrd rpcbind rpcinfo rrenumd rrestore rshd rtadvd rtquery rtsol rtsold rwhod sa savecore scspd securelevel sendmail setextattr setfmac setfsmac setkey setpmac sftp-server showmount shutdown sicontrol slattach slip sliplogin slstat smrsh spkrtest spppcontrol spray ssh-keysign sshd sticky strfile swapctl swapinfo swapoff swapon sync sysctl sysinstall syslogd talkd tcpdchk tcpdmatch telnetd tftpd timed timedc traceroute traceroute6 trpt tunefs tzsetup ugidfw umount unstr updatedb usbd usbdevs vipw vmstat vnconfig watch wicontrol wire-test wlconfig YP yp yp_mkdb ypbind ypinit yppoll yppush ypserv ypset ypxfr zdump zic zzz

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